Sunday, September 23, 2018

Voyager Academy Science Olympiad News, September 23, 2018

Science Olympiad is an extracurricular academic competition in which students grades K-12 compete in STEM-related events.  The topics encompass anatomy, biology, chemistry, physics, earth science, geology, mechanical engineering and technology.  Teamwork and group learning are a major emphasis.  

   If your child is interested in science and would like to participate, fill out the Voyager Science Olympiad interest form so that we can connect with you.  Science Olympiad is open to all Voyager students who want to be more involved with science!
   For more information or if you have questions about Voyager's Science Olympiad programs in 2018-19 (including the K-3 VAES in-school program), see the Science Olympiad event links, check out the Voyager Science Olympiad team webpage, or reach out to one of the team head coaches.

Division A (K-5)
   Hello, A team!  Thanks to all of you who attended the interest meeting earlier this month, we've got lots of kids ready to participate this year!  Right now, we're planning to open A team signups the week of October 8th, and it is NOT TOO LATE to join this year's team.  If your student is interested in SO, please be sure you filled out the  Voyager Science Olympiad interest form, and more information will be going out to begin signups in the next few weeks.
   We do still need 1 or 2 A team parents who can attend the Science Olympiad Coaches' Institute this coming Friday evening 10/5 and Saturday 10/6!   You can read about the Coaches Clinic here.  If you can only attend on Saturday, that is fine.  If you can go on both days, even better.    Attending the Coaches Institute provides a lot of insight into how the events are run so it is a big help, particularly for our A team students.  f you have any questions or are interested in attending, email Connie Vance (the B team head coach) and she will get you registered.  The school will cover your registration fee, and thanks for helping the team!
   More to follow, and GO VIKINGS GO!

Head coach - Erik Benson (
Division B (grades 6-8)
   Hello, B team!  B team registration is ongoing, and the deadline for team registration is Wednesday, September 26th.  If you're interested, please email head coach Connie Vance to get signup info.  The first team meeting will be held after fall break, and team practices will begin in late October, so sign up today!

Useful websites for the B team:
Division B Rules Manual (anyone at can view this link OR click here to download the rules manual)

Looking forward to having an awesome year!!!

Head coach - Connie Vance (

Division C (grades 9-12) 
Attention C team: the deadline for C team signup is Tuesday, September 25th.  Please follow this interest link to sign up and select your event preferences!   Team meetings will start after fall break, with practices beginning in mid-October. If you need more info, email Devan Desai for team details. 

Head Coach - Amanda Honey (

2018-19 tournaments
Tournament Event Descriptions
Division A (K-5)
Division B  (6-8)
Division C (9-12)
(Note: while all events have been updated, some of the event descriptions are from last year! NCSO is in the process of adding the descriptions for this year's events.) 

2019 Science Olympiad Tournament Dates
Division A (K-6) - TBD, will be announced in late September
DIvision B (6-9) - March 2, 2019 at Riverside High School
DIvision C (9-12) - March 2, 2019 at Riverside High School
Division B/C state competition - April 27, 2019 at NC State University

Additional information sessions for SO will be scheduled as the Voyager teams form and start practicing for their tournaments later in the fall semester.  Stay tuned for more info!  GO VIKINGS GO!