Sunday, January 13, 2019

Voyager Academy Middle School News, January 13, 2019

Dear VAMS Families,

Happy New Year to each of you!  Setting the alarm for Monday morning was hard for all of us but once we got to school, students and staff were quickly in their routines.  Learning began during first class period throughout the school.

If you have 6th graders, make sure you ask them what K F C means to Mr. Credle.  It is a great way for students to remember how to divide fractions.  If you have a 7th grader, ask them why Mr. Lindquist taped number lines on the floor.  The activity completed by the students was awesome.
Each Core Connections class is beginning a new project – more on Project Based Learning at the middle school next week.  Stay tuned!

Congrats, Mr. Price – I’m sure most of you have heard that Mr. Price has been named North Carolina Charter School Teacher of the Year.  It was a very exciting day when guests came to the middle school to make the announcement. Students and staff were in the gym and cheered loudly when the Teacher of the Year Committee shared their decision.  Mr. Price will be one of 9 teachers competing for North Carolina Teacher of the Year!

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Pennies for Pender
– Beginning Monday and throughout the remainder of January, we will collect pennies, as well as, other coins or dollars for Pender County Schools.  Once our collection is over, we will cash in the coins and purchase a gift card.  The gift card will be sent to the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum so she can purchase supplies that are needed for students. There will be a jar in the office for students to dump their coins or dollars each morning. PLEASE help us support students who lost lots of supplies during Hurricane Florence.
Report Cards - I know you are wondering where the report cards are as they were scheduled to go home Friday.  At the beginning of the school year, the teachers were trained on PowerSchool Pro and began using in August.  The Department of Public Instruction is checking PowerSchool Pro to ensure that the system is working correctly.  They have asked schools to hold the printing of report cards until they double check some of the tools in Power School Pro.  Hopefully they will complete their work quickly so we can print report cards and send them home.  Grades have been entered into Power School Pro and are ready --just waiting for the go ahead.  I will let you know when report cards will be sent home!
Car Line - Just a reminder, due to safety concerns, the HS gates will be closed/locked.  Therefore, cars can no longer line up in the HS lot.  ES and MS parents who have ES students, please try to arrive as close to 1:05 on Mondays or 3:05 Tuesday – Friday.   MS ONLY carline drivers should not get in the carline before 1:20 on Mondays or 3:20 Tuesday – Friday as it blocks the elementary car line.  If you arrive before 1:20 on Mondays or 3:20 Tuesday – Friday, you will need to leave and wait off campus before you get back into the carline on Ben Franklin Blvd.  The elementary staff will no longer be at the car line entrance after 1:15/1:20 on Mondays and 3:15/3:20 Tuesday – Friday.    
Voyager’s Silent Auction
If you have questions, please email Mr. Eisenson at  We appreciate all help!   The Silent Auction is scheduled for Feb. 23 and will be held at Umstead Pines.  Please put the date on your calendar! Please read the information below to learn more about the auction.   Please click below for helpful information.

Calendar of Events

Monday, Jan. 14 Pennies for Pender collection of pennies/coins begins
Tuesday, Jan. 15 8th grade Math Check In
Tuesday, Jan. 15 Basketball teams at East Wake
Wednesday, Jan. 16 8th grade Language Arts Check In
Wednesday, Jan. 16 4th grade Language Arts Check In
Thursday, Jan. 17 4th grade Math Check In
Thursday, Jan. 17 Basketball teams play Kestral Heights at home
Friday, Jan. 18 PTO Luncheon for staff
Friday, Jan. 18 Basketball teams play Roxboro at home --- FINAL home game!

Stay safe and warm,
Gwen Johnson
Middle School Principal