Sunday, August 18, 2019

Voyager Academy Elementary School News, Aug. 18, 2019

At the elementary school, our Kindergarteners joined us for their first full day this week. Now we are complete.  What a joy it is to have their smiling faces and their excitement for learning.  

Their first days are spent learning how to go to school. The teachers use a book with a cat character named Pete.  Pete leaves the kids clues leading them from place to place locating new areas of our school and to meet new people.
With the new group of students joining us on Thursday, came more cars. Just as we thought it was going well, more cars were added to the mix. I ask for your patience and kindness during car line. Please stay in the correct lanes and don’t cut others off in line. Report incidents to me and I will do what I can to correct the problems that happen on campus. One change is extending the time you can drop off middle school students with elementary students. You can now drop off until 7:45 instead of 7:35. Please be at the gym doors by 7:42 to get them Unloaded so they can be lined up ready to walk to middle school by 7:45.
Mrs. Lucas spent time with us meeting each teacher and saying hello to all of our students. The kids love visitors and were asking her several question and sharing stories with her. 
The students are enjoying recess time on the new soccer field. It is such a great field for them to play. Our staff was trained on Monday on how to keep students safe during this hot weather while on the field. 
We are all working hard and have had a great start to this school year. We couldn’t do this without your support.