Sunday, October 27, 2019

From the Voyager Academy Board, Oct. 27, 2019

Hi Voyager families,
The board would like to provide you with an update about our managing director search.  After a detailed process in which a subcommittee of the board met with and interviewed four search firms, we hired a search firm, CLCB, out of Charlotte, to assist us.  You can learn more about the firm at  This is the same firm that helped us recruit Jennifer Lucas several years ago, and we believe it is the right firm to help us find our next amazing managing director.  

Our contacts at CLCB were on campus this week to learn more about the school.  They had an opportunity to meet with our current managing director Jennifer Lucas, the principals of each school, a group of staff and teachers, a group of middle and high school students, the School Improvement team, parent representatives, and the board.  We are very grateful to everyone who participated in these important feedback sessions!  CLCB sought feedback from the different groups about what Voyager is doing well and what areas we would like to continue to improve.  We have also shared with CLCB other information and data to help them get the best possible picture of our school.  One of the most significant things that came out of the feedback sessions is how wonderful and dedicated our teachers, staff, and parents are to the excellence of our school.  CLCB complimented Voyager on the tremendous pride they saw in the work that is being done here.    
The next step in the process will be for CLCB to take the feedback and develop a job description.  We will share that description with you once it is ready and ask for your help in sharing it as broadly as possible.   We will also ask you to share with CLCB any leads (schools you admire, people you know whose backgrounds fit the description, etc.) so that CLCB can reach out to potential candidates.  This is a critical part of the search process, and we will need your help to ensure that we attract a pool of excellent candidates for the job.  
The board's goal in bringing in a new leader is to build upon the substantial gains that have been made in recent years and to continue to find new and innovative ways to strive for excellence at Voyager in K-12 academics, fiscal management, school culture, and community relations.  We are confident that the strength of our school will help us to find, attract, and retain a managing director who will continue to raise the bar and challenge us to become the best school we can be.
We will continue to update you as new information is available, and please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any feedback or concerns.  All of our board members' emails are available on the board page of Voyager's website, and you can reach me directly at