Sunday, October 20, 2019

Voyager Academy Elementary School News, Oct. 20, 2019


Hope you are all enjoyed our fall break.  It was a nice time to relax and catch up on projects and school work or just be with family.  Hope your time was special.

Professional Development:  Guided Reading for second and third grade teachers was a big hit as it was with K and first grades.  We are so fortunate to have Vickie Davis at our school to provide such valuable training.

School of Readers:  After our reading professional development, our staff decided that we would like to be known as a school of readers. We are proud to partner with our parents to make sure all of our kids enjoy reading and become the best readers possible.  Thanks for your help and participation in this endeavor.

VAES Yearbook Cover Contest: WINNERS Announcement
Thank you again to all the students that participated in our K-3 Yearbook cover contest. You should all be very pleased with your hard work! The winner of our contest this year is 1st grader, Tatum Henrikson. Her artwork will be our front cover of this year's book and she will also receive one free copy of the yearbook. Congratulations, Tatum!
We also have four runners up who will have their artwork featured on the back cover of our yearbook - Isabella Ton (2nd grade), Lily Oakley (3rd grade), Abbey Jackman/Nina Iroha (3rd grade) and Christian Little (Kindergarten)! Way to go, Vikings!!

VAES Yearbook Ordering Information
Elementary School (K-3) Yearbooks are now on sale and can only be ordered online this year. You can order your copy online at Yearbooks are $23.00 each and must be ordered by March 16, 2020. After this date, there will be a price increase for additional book orders. Visit, click on "Order Pictures and Yearbooks", then enter our school code YB110322 for the Elementary Yearbook and proceed to place your order. Please contact Leslie Jewell ( if you have any questions. Don't miss out -- Order today!!

Donation:  Physical Education teachers need 5 gallon buckets for their drumming projects.  These are sold at Lowe’s and Home Depot for around $4.00 each. They need a class set.  

Hello VAES Families! My name is Kristin Sawyer. I am the music teacher at VAES. I am writing to inform you that the VAES special's team has been doing a project with all K-3 students! The project is called "Rhythms and Patterns Around The World". Students have been learning songs and dances from other cultures, creating artwork with patterns from other cultures, building lego instruments to play rhythms, and learning about how sound works and how our bodies are able to move in order to create rhythms and patterns. Students will be showing what they have learned at our K-3 program on December 6th. The program will be held in the High School gym at 1:15pm. Please save the date! I need help from you to get a video ready for the program. One of the songs that we will be singing says "I can change the world". I would love to have families record their child saying this in a language other than English. If your family speaks another language and you would like for your child to be included in the video shown at the program, please record a short video clip of them saying " I can change the world" in another language. It is best if you use your phone or ipad and email it to me! Remember if you are emailing me a video clip you are giving permission for it to be shown at the program on December 6th. If you have any questions please let me know. Thank you!

Dates to Place on Your Calendar
October 24:  First Grade Project Celebration at 1:00
October 25:  Third Grade Project Celebration at 11;00
October 31:  K Project Celebration at 1:00
Thanks to morning parents for leaving right lane open for morning care before 7:15.