Sunday, November 17, 2019

From the Voyager Academy Board, Nov. 17, 2019

1.  We have posted the position for managing director.  It will soon be on Voyager's website.  For now, you can see the posting at  We need your help in attracting great candidates!  Please share the posting widely and direct any inquiries about the position to

2.  As you consider your end of year giving, please consider a donation to our Capital Campaign.  All proceeds will fund activity busses that are greatly needed at our school.  Having activity busses for field trips and extracurricular activities would be incredible for our students, teachers, and staff -- not to mention the convenience for parents!   We hope you will give generously to this effort. In the coming weeks, we will be reaching out by phone and email to ask you to  assist us.  If you are willing to help us, please go ahead and make your donation at

3.  Due to back and forth with the Office of Charter Schools, our enrollment policy will not change for next year.  The board and administration would like to convey to all of our families, however, just how critical it is for our school's finances that your student show up on day 1 and not have any unnecessary absences in the first 20 days of school.  We greatly appreciate your cooperation in helping us make sure that we are fully funded.

4.  Our board meeting for November/December has been moved to next Thursday, November 21, at 5:15 pm in the High School.  All of our meetings are open to the public.