Sunday, November 10, 2019

From the Voyager Academy Managing Director, Nov. 10, 2019

Good afternoon! 

The cool weather is finally here so please make sure your children have coats/sweaters for outdoor activities.  As you know, at this time, we will continue to follow the DPS weather plans for closures and delays as needed. We have seen some forecasts that predict snow in the next couple of weeks although we hope that we have a dry winter! If we need to delay, or close, our announcements will be sent out via mail, text reminder (If you have signed up) and we will also post it on WRAL alerts and our website.

Important request: We are receiving a number of complaints from the families and businesses adjacent to our campus regarding speeding.  We have seen and documented reckless driving of our students and parents during and after operating hours. Please note that we will need to issue citations and consequences for anyone reported as driving unsafely. Please be a good neighbor and protect those around you!
I would like to congratulate another one of our student athletes on his acceptance into a great school and a great future in baseball. Last week, Brenton Fisher committed to NCCU to play baseball next year!  Congratulations Brenton we are all so proud of you and excited for your next season.
Parents, please see the below invitation for you to join and attend our EXPO group. This group is to bring parents and community together in support of our students in the EC or AIG program. We want to hear from you and provide new and exciting ways to support our children and the program.  

Parents, please help us raise enough money to purchase buses for our kids to enjoy their field trips as well as athletics and performing arts! Every donation counts!
We are trying to purchase two brand new activity buses this Spring and our goal is $200,000…. We can get there with your help. Please donate and most importantly, share this message with your friends, family members and businesses to help support this great campaign. All donations go directly to the school and we can provide a receipt for anyone who needs it. Voyager Academy Foundation is a non-profit and all funds will be directed to this great cause!