Sunday, January 26, 2020

Voyager Academy Elementary School News, Jan. 26, 2020

Hello Elementary School Families, 

It has been a busy week and several students and staff have been sick with a cold or virus.  The warm weather left us and brought in a windy, artic cold unlike anything we are accustomed to in the south.  

Military Connection Form
Please complete the Military Connection Form that has been emailed to all of you two different times. The completed form needs to be returned to the elementary school office if your child is military connected. Thank you for taking time to complete and return!

FYI – Reports cards 
The elementary school is on a trimester and not quarter system.  So, if you heard some older students received their report cards last week, not to worry.  Elementary report cards will be going out on February 21.
Partnership with Middle School
One of the classes who will be escorted by their teacher will come to the elementary school during our lunch time once a month.  The middle schoolers will be selling goods to our elementary students to learn specific skills for their curriculum. Your student’s classroom teacher will send home a reminder of what is available to purchase and the cost before their grade level purchases from the middle school store.  This is a unique and worthy project that will benefit both the elementary and middle school students.

Elementary Chorus
Bright and early each Friday morning before classes start about 20 of our K-3 kids join Mrs. Sawyer for chorus practice.  The kids are full of joy and excitement. It is truly a sound that brightens all of our day. Mrs. Sawyer began this program shortly after becoming the elementary 
Music teacher.  Please take a look at the picture below.  They are learning from the best!

Calendar of Events
January 27 PD is to score fluency tests

January 28 Short Curriculum Meetings and MTSS Meetings

January 29 Upcoming Parents for Next Year Tour School at 8:30

January 24 Deadline for third grade EC referrals!

January 27 Score Fluency (Istation) 

January 28 MTSS Meeting (meet in conference room)

January 29 Parent tour for those applying to attend Voyager ( Tour Guides:              2nd Grade Teachers, EC Teachers, Counselor, Carly, Admin)

February 4 HR Meeting with in lieu of Curriculum Meeting

February 7 Deadline for K-2 EC referrals!

February 10 PD  (Work on Report cards) and possibly more

February 13 Project Celebration 11:00 Third Grade.
Project Celebration 1:00 Second Grade.   

February 17 Diversity Training 9-12 Elementary School
PBL Training 1:30-4:30 Elementary School

February 18 PBL Training 12:30-3:30  Individual teachers or grade level 
sign up sessions with PBL trainer for project tunings

February 18 Voyager Elementary Leadership Meeting 10:00

February 21 Report Cards Go Home
K Project Celebration at 11:30

February 24 EC Training 1:30 (EC staff, Counselor and Admin Team), 
Carly, Laura and Cindy.