Sunday, February 2, 2020

Voyager Academy Elementary School News, Feb. 2, 2020

It is that time of year that illnesses including flu and strep have become rampant in our building. This is affecting students and staff. We want to remind you of our policy regarding fever and illness as noted on page 34 of our Parent and Student Handbook. 

Fever: The parent/guardian of any student with an oral temperature >100.4 degrees will be notified and asked to pick up their child.  The student should remain at home until fever-free for 36 hours without medication. 

Please adhere to this policy. Students diagnosed with an illness will require a doctor's note and date that they can return to school. Students with a fever regardless of any diagnosis must stay home.  

Information for Next Year’s Incoming Kindergarten Students:   
Next year’s kindergarten students will have the chance to experience and prepare for school with Voyager’s kindergarten teachers by attending the Kindergarten Prep Camp.  Campers will have a chance to boost basic academic skills while bonding with other incoming kindergarteners and meeting some of the teachers.  This is a great camp for new Vikings who might be feeling a little nervous about their upcoming school adventure, or those who just can’t for the official first day!  Listed below are the dates and sessions:

Session I:  June 15-19; Session II:  June 22-26
Times:  Half Day:  9:00 am-12:00 pm ($180/week)
Full Day:  9:00 am-4:00 pm ($300/week)
For more information or to reserve your spot contact Mrs. Scarantino:  Stay tuned for more detailed registration information coming soon.  

Capital Campaign:  
As many of you may know, we are sponsoring a capital campaign campus-wide to purchase an activity bus.  At the elementary school, we go on several field trips per year that charter buses or other contracted bus services are used and the services are very costly.  The bus expenses drive our field trip costs up making the cost of the trip very expensive for our parents..  In time, we could reduce our field trip costs considerably, if we could buy a bus for everyone to use.  Please consider this and contribute to the cause.

Save The Date:
Stop, Swap and Read March 2nd through March 6th
Teachers will sign up to read to another class/grade level during their specials time.  I will share more information during our next curriculum meeting.  

Military Connection Form
Please complete the Military Connection Form that has been emailed to all of you two different times. The completed form needs to be returned to the elementary school office if your child is military connected. Thank you for taking time to complete and return!

FYI – Reports cards 
The elementary school is on a trimester and not quarter system.  So, if you heard some older students received their report cards last week, not to worry.  Elementary report cards will be going out on February 21. 
Congratulations to our third grade student, Johannes Roxburgh, in Mrs. Quick’s classroom.  Thursday morning of this week, Voyager’s annual Spelling Bee was held at the middle school for students in grades 3-8.  Johannes made history by winning as a third grader for the very first time.  We are so proud of you! 

Middle School Students and School Store:
When: During lunch starting in February with the store coming to each grade one Wednesday per month as follows:
3rd grade-1st Wednesdays of each month
2nd grade-2nd Wednesdays of each month
1st grade-3rd Wednesdays of each month
Kindergarten-4th Wednesdays of each month
The students from the middle school will bring a school store over on a cart to serve our elementary students during lunch.  The schedule is  noted above. The profit will go to the Exceptional Children’s Program.                                   

Congo African Grey:
Schatzie, an African Grey, visited the K class this week with her mom, Joann Duwan.  Joann explained that Schatzi is a German name for sweetheart and comes from the Congo.  She had her speak and explain her vocabulary to the class.  Schatzie is very entertaining.  The experience of her visit was also educational. Schatzie could live to be 100 years old and is currently about 26 years old.  Joann hand-fed her as a baby before her feathers grew. It was amazing to watch her tricks and to know she has been potty trained.  Kids and adults alike enjoyed the visit.  Thanks for the experience and your time, Joann.

School Tour:
On Wednesday morning, the elementary school hosted a tour for possible upcoming Voyager families for roughly 150 parents.   We provided a handout of frequently asked questions, showed them the building in small groups with a staff leader,  answered the parents specific questions, and told them to call us if they thought of other questions.  It was a successful visit and parents seemed happy with what they saw. (See pictures below).

Calendar of Events

February 7 Deadline for K-2 EC referrals!

February 13 Project Celebration 11:00 Third Grade.
Project Celebration 1:00 Second Grade.   

February 17 Diversity Training 9-12 Elementary School
PBL Training 1:30-4:30 Elementary School

February 18 PBL Training 12:30-3:30  Individual teachers or grade level 
sign up sessions with PBL trainer for project tunings

February 18 Voyager Elementary Leadership Meeting 10:00

February 21 Report Cards Go Home
K Project Celebration at 11:30

February 24 EC Training 1:30 (EC staff, Counselor and Admin Team), 
Carly, Laura and Cindy.