Sunday, March 1, 2020

Voyager Academy Elementary School News, March 1, 2020

Hello All!

Information for Next Year’s Incoming Kindergarten Students:  
Next year’s kindergarten students will have the chance to experience and prepare for school with Voyager’s kindergarten teachers by attending the Kindergarten Prep Camp.  Campers will have a chance to boost basic academic skills while bonding with other incoming kindergarteners and meeting some of the teachers. This is a great camp for new Vikings who might be feeling a little nervous about their upcoming school adventure, or those who just can’t for the official first day!  Listed below are the dates and sessions:

Session I:  June 15-19; Session II:  June 22-26
Times:  Half Day:  9:00 am-12:00 pm ($180/week)
Full Day:  9:00 am-4:00 pm ($300/week)
For more information or to reserve your spot contact Mrs. Scarantino:  Stay tuned for more detailed registration information coming soon.  

Science Fun Night, March 31, from 5-7:00:
A famous and well known quote by Benjamin Franklin captures the essence of Voyager’s Family Science Night:  “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” It is a night for students and their families to make memories that last a lifetime by engaging in hands-on science activities with family, friends, science professionals, professors, students, and teachers. 
As you explore the first-floor hallway of Voyager Academy Elementary School you will be able perform a number of make-and-take stations with Voyager teachers and to view presentations and demonstrations by a number of professionals in our science community including but not limited to our very own Science Olympiad students .  Please SAVE THE DATE and join us for Voyager’s 6th Annual Family Science Night on Tuesday, March 31from 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. at Voyager Academy Elementary School, First Floor.  

2nd Annual Auction and Gala:
Please mark your calendars for our 2nd Annual Auction and Gala. The evening is open to all! 
When: March 27th 7PM
Where: Umstead Pines Golf and Swim Club
Invite friends and family to join us. We will be auctioning off sports memorabilia, tickets to local events, baskets filled with awesome items and more. All proceeds will go towards much needed school buses to help transport students to/from field trips, sporting events and other activities we struggle to get our students to. 

It's an all school, parent only event. Please join us!

Marina S. McKenna
Technology Instructor, Voyager Academy Middle School
919.433.3301 ext. 218 |website
Go Vikings, Go!
It's Time to Celebrate Reading!
VAES Teacher/Staff Swap 
Stop, Swap and Read March 2nd through March 6th
VAES staff will swap and read to students 

Second Grade Science Fun for Everyone/Weather Wise
This week our second grade students enjoyed an in school field trip where they learned about weather. They were able to blast clouds all around the classroom! Experiment with real weather instruments such as anemometers, thermometers, rain gauges and more. Young Meteorologists even constructed and kept their own weather station.  The students had a great time!!!!
Essential Standard: 2.E.1.1, 2.E.1.2, 2.E.1.3, 2.E.1.4: Understand patterns of weather and factors that affect weather. 

Parent Project-Based Learning Feedback Survey
Below is the parent survey for project feedback. Parents please complete. Thanks for your support.  

Middle School Students and School Store:
When: During lunch starting in February with the store coming to each grade one Wednesday per month as follows:
3rd grade-1st Wednesdays of each month
2nd grade-2nd Wednesdays of each month
1st grade-3rd Wednesdays of each month
Kindergarten-4th Wednesdays of each month
The students from the middle school will bring a school store over on a cart to serve our elementary students during lunch.  The schedule is noted above. The profit will go to the Exceptional Children’s Program.

Calendar of Events

March 2 PD is to write grade level standards for ELA.

March 3 Curriculum Meetings

March 4 Stop, Swap and Read!

March 5 Third Grade goes to Duke Homestead 

March 6 Lottery 12:30 in Elementary Gym

March 11 K-3 Tour for all accepted new students at 8:30

Continue to scroll down for pictures of K and First grades Project Celebrationl

Celebrations See Pictures Below!!!

Kindergarten Project Celebration

First Grade Project Celebration