Sunday, March 15, 2020

Voyager Academy Middle School News, March 15, 2020

Hello Middle School Families, 
I can’t say Thank You enough to all of you for the continued support you provide the middle school.  We’ve had many challenges the past couple of months and you continue to be our biggest cheerleaders. We had the weather that was a delayed opening followed by what we thought was going to be a day of school---then the transformers exploded and you had to turn and return home.  We then had some snow that kept us out of school a couple of days. We now have the Coronavirus that has certainly created much uncertainly. For each of the situations, we put students first and you have supported us! The safety of our students and families is certainly a priority. 

Fifth Grade American Revolution Project Celebration 

Our fifth graders were awesome as they presented information to parents regarding the American Resolution.  Many important people were in attendance as the Declaration of Independence was signed. Just to name a few -Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and John Hancock!.


Our teachers have created terrific assignments for our students.  Student should begin their work on Wednesday since there is no school on Monday nor Tuesday and students would be out on the workdays.  So remember students should begin completing the assignments provided by their teachers on Wednesday. The assignments will be graded by their teachers and will be part of the 4th quarter as Wednesday is the first day of the fourth quarter.  If you have questions about the work, please contact the teacher.  If you do not know where the assignments are, check with your child.  Remember school is closed until further notice!  

Wednesday, May 13 – Reading, 4th – 8th
Thursday, May 14 -      Math, 4th – 8th
Friday, May 15 -     5th and 8th Grade Science 

 Stay healthy and Safe!

Gwen Johnson, MS Principal