Sunday, April 15, 2018

Voyager Academy Science Olympiad News, April 15, 2018


What a tournament everyone had this weekend!

the Voyager A Varsity team took first place overall in their team division, the JV team took fifth place as a team (DESPITE having two members get the flu on Friday!!) . 
Most impressive of all -  Voyager, as a whole team, won the Spirit Award for a second consecutive year!  Both of these wins are an unbelievable achievement.  This year's tournament was super competitive with some great teams, and both our teams really competed well from in every event they did.

The official place and scoring results by division are here.  You can see that both teams had some excellent high finishes individually, and were really consistent in their finishes across the board.  That's why the varsity team won very convincingly in a tough field!  ( here's a link to the overall combined results as well. An awesome job by our youngest competitors!)

Those of you that have been around Science Olympiad know that the Spirit Award is the one that is the hardest to win, and the one that every SO coach I know is the proudest of.  It shows how well all of the team members represent Voyager in their events with the volunteers, event officials, and other teams and coaches.  In fact, the nominations to win it come from other teams and the tournament officials.  It really shows what a great job all of you do to make SO such a big success here at Voyager year after year.  So, for those kids who didn't get an individual medal yesterday, they all should know that everyone played a huge part in winning the best award SO can give!

Let me say a big THANK YOU to all of you who coached, organized, helped with our in-school program, and brought your kids to practice for all those Saturdays.   This success was due to everyone's effort for sure.  Connie Vance and Erik Benson are truly outstanding and we appreciate all YOU DO for Voyager!


A Team Updates

It's hard to believe it, but there's less than two weeks until our tournament at Southern High on Saturday the 14th.  Here's the reminder you need:
-- Last open practices Sat 4/7 9am-noon and Sun 4/8 2pm-5pm @ VAHS - these will be the practices where you make sure that you're 100% ready to go with your events!
Be sure to get in touch with your student's partners prior to these practices to make sure you can meet and get in the practices you need!  If you need  partner's contact info, just let me know.

--Varsity team - partner needed - we could still use one student on the varsity team to jump in to the Movers and Shakers event as a partner.  The coaches will be reaching out to the team - if you're interested, please contact me and let me know.

--Final team meeting Thurs 4/12 after school - I'll have a last meeting with general tourney info and to let anyone ask any questions before tournament day.

--Tourney info - I'll be finalizing the team registration at this weekend's practices.  

--Parent volunteers for snacks and team lunch - we could use one or two parents who would be interested in coordinating the snack signup and picking up the lunch order for the team on tournament day.  If you'd be interested in doing that, please let me know.

--Volunteering on tournament day!  Parents, Science Olympiad can always use volunteers to help supervise the events on tournament day.  If you would like to help the tournament out for part of the time you're there, and see SO from the inside, please follow the link and sign up.  Remember that ALL of SO runs on volunteers, and it's great when our parents sign up to help, so please do it if you can.


B Team Updates
   Practice Schedule for State Tournament:
        Sat, April 7, 9-12
        Sun, April 8, 2-5
        Sat, April 14, 9-12
        Sun, April 15, 2-5
        April 21-22 at NC State 

Check the 
NCSO website frequently for important information and updates.