Sunday, August 19, 2018

From the Managing Director's Desk, August 19, 2018

Dear Viking Families,
Thanks everyone for another great week!  By now you should have returned your family surveys and if you qualify for lunch benefits you will receive a letter from us. Please return it to us and make sure you follow the directions to create your lunch account!  
If you are NEW to Voyager, you will need to complete a background check to volunteer and chaperone on trips. We are already working on refunds for families who re-submitted their background check this year. Please give us a week or so to send them out to you!

Background Check Directions
ALL NEW Parents and guardians are able to access a link that can be found on the Voyager web site under “Support Voyager”. The instructions will lead to a log-in site where a background search can be requested. After you input your information, you will be sent an estimated cost to approve before the background is ordered. This process has been put into place to protect privacy and minimize the possibility of hacking and fraud.  Background checks and driving records must be renewed every school year after the initial search.
The costs for the background checks and driving records will be incurred by the parent or guardian requesting the search. This background search will be available for download and for personal use. Please allow five business days for the process to clear. The prices for these are below.
-- First time criminal background and NC driving record: $27.00 ($12 savings if no driving search)
-- Renewal update with discount: $24.00 ($10 savings if no driving search)
-- Out-of-state searches are at an additional cost.

If a parent/guardian does not want to have the driving check, the savings is shown above. However, they must state this on their online request. 

Please call Background Inquiries and Services at 919-460-7799 with any questions.
If you plan to chaperone a field trip, you must have the background check completed prior to the field trip.  If you plan to drive students during the field trip, you must also have the driving record check.
Please see the attachments to this newsletter regarding enrichment registration, EXPO parent meeting and the registration form for Driver’s Ed and more!
Yes- you saw that right, Voyager will host Driver’s Ed again during Fall Break. If you are interested in registering for Driver’s Ed, please make sure to complete the form and send it directly to Barbara. (CLICK HERE FOR THE FORM)

Go Play Save Books
Hopefully, students have taken their Go Play Save books home by today. This is a fundraiser for our athletic department. You may send cash for the book, send a check made payable to Voyager, or return the book.  For the past two years, Voyager Middle School has been fortunate to have 100% participation. This means the book that each student was given was paid for, OR the book was returned to school. Let’s make it three years! The list will be checked daily, and reminders will be sent home if needed. The classroom selling the most books will receive a reward.  Let the competition begin! Money or book needs to be returned no later than August 22. Thanks!
We are looking forward to another amazing academic and ATHLETIC year with our students.  We are starting our Go Play Save Coupon Book drive again to solely support the efforts of our Athletic Department.  We have a HUGE goal for this year to make sure we keep Athletics running smoothly!  Our goal is $96,000.00!  That's right, you read that correctly.  We need each and every family to push hard this year to help us hit this goal.  We have multiple fundraisers we will be doing but the Go Play Save Coupon Books are our BIGGEST, so we need your help.
Your students came home with a collection envelope, some information on prizes for selling the most books, and one sample (middle school and elementary school families).  Please start reaching out to family, friends, neighbors and co-workers.  Not only are there hard copy books, but there are also books available online for different areas where the Go Play Save books are available.  
If you are not able to sell your sample book, please return it to the school with the envelope provided.  If you need more, let your teacher know and we will get them to you! There are class prizes, individual prizes, and prizes for our athletes as top sellers.  All orders are due in by August 22nd.  If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail Deuce Harris at
Thank you for all your support and as always, Go Vikings Go!

Deuce Harris
Athletic Director


One of our K – 12 School Improvement Team goals is to increase our school spirit school wide.  Last year, we had College Day on Thursday and Voyager Day on Friday. We will continue this tradition.  The College Day Thursdays are days that all staff, students, and parents can wear their favorite college apparel.  Also, some of you may have noticed that beside classroom and office doors, we display small signs stating where our staff attended college/university.  We hope these activities will promote great conversations about different colleges and college attendance, especially with our middle school and high school students.  
Last, but not least, every Friday is Voyager Spirit Day!  Wear your Voyager apparel and/or your school colors (red, white, and blue) to show school spirit and pride!!