Sunday, March 17, 2019

Voyager Academy Science Olympiad News, March 17, 2019

Elementary In-School SO Program Update: 
This is our last week! We’ve had a fun 10 weeks filled with lots of science activities! The Ramp and Roll kids mastered forces and k’nex building. The Super Sleuths honed their investigation skills with water solubility, acid and base reactions, and using iodine to find starches.  The Sky Quest students studied the constellations, planets and the other objects in our solar system.  We will have activities inspired by each of these classes at Science Night on March 26th 5-7pm!

Competition Team (Division A):
It's hard to believe the Science Olympiad tournament is only 3 weeks away!  Here's the reminders you need for this week:
  • Make sure you know your event rules, ask any questions you have, and spend time with practice tests.  Also, be sure to reach out to your partners so you can be there and make the most of our last practices before the regional tournament on April 6th!
  • Next practice - Saturday 3/23 - Our next open team practice is this coming Saturday 3/23 from 9am-noon @ VAHS.  Hope to see everyone there!
    • If people talk with their partners and need some additional practice times, please let me know ASAP.  We can coordinate to stay into Saturday afternoons or meet other times @ VAHS as needrf.
  • Team T shirts! - T shirts are in!  T shirts for 4th and 5th graders, and extra shirts for parents and siblings were distributed at practice on 3/16.  If you didn't get your shirt, you can get it at the next practice on 3/23.  Extra shirts are available for purchase ($9 per shirt).
  • Work It Out - study questions needed! - The Work it Out teams need EACH partner pair to contribute a question so that they can study all the SO materials for their event!  Either bring (or email) a multiple choice question or a diagram that needs labeling from your studying for them to work with.
  • Science Night - save the date, volunteers needed! - Science Night is coming up on Tuesday 3/26, and we need a few volunteers (parents, or B or C team students) to help run the A team demo events!  Sign up here to volunteer and help the team show what the in-school program has learned this year.
Tournament Saturday 4/6! Get the tournament day on your calendar, and more info will be coming soon!