Monday, August 26, 2019

From the Managing Director's Desk, Aug. 25, 2019

Dear Viking Families, 

Thank you all so much for joining us on Monday evening for our Viking Stadium ribbon cutting! It was a wonderful event and we could not have been prouder of the work and patience it took to get there! Most importantly, we are incredibly happy to see all our students enjoy the field during PE, recess, practice and competitions. We can’t wait to see the community that this home stadium brings for us and look forward to many wonderful events and memories taking place on campus.

As we look to build upon our campus, you may have seen on our website, in the last newlsetter and on our social media, we are launching a capital campaign so you can help “give back” to the school and invest in our great community!  We have developed a means for you to support our school through a capital campaign and an annual fund. The annual fund donations will be directed toward general school operations that include academics, technology, extracurriculars including sports and arts. We are also launching a very exciting capital campaign that will be used to secure buses for our school. These buses may be used for all our students and meet a variety of needs including local transportation, field trips, team travel, performing arts competitions, and other activities as the need arises.  Please visit our website and click on the link to donate today! Large donations can be combined with sponsorship opportunities for our stadium and arts. These sponsorships are our way of thanking you for your generosity and offering you a “give back” in the form of name recognition and branding. The simple paypal donation link is live and should you choose to donate funds to the annual fund (for general use) or capital campaign (for the buses) you can send in completed sponsorship forms that match your donation. We truly look forward to partnering with you all and building upon our great success by investing in your children’s future. 
Finally, I would like to share that our updated school performance scores have come in. Based on our combined growth and proficiency, we have GROWN AGAIN! Voyager’s new SPG is projected to hit an 82, the highest we have ever been!  Although we all know that a school performance grade in it of itself does not measure a school’s value and success, we are all working hard to help our students grow and that effort is shown through our ever-increasing academic performance.  I would like to thank our teachers for their passion and their work in the classroom and the support our kids get at home to help them grow.

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