Sunday, September 8, 2019

From the Managing Director's Desk, Sept. 8, 2019

Dear Viking Families, 
It was a short and disrupted week for sure, but we as always we appreciate your support and your understanding as we prioritize student and staff safety. For many years, following the course of our local LEAS has been mostly successful as we remember that our students and staff come from as many as 8 surrounding counties where weather and transportation can be a hazard.  We will be looking at this policy during our next board meeting to determine if it serves us best, or if there are other measures we may consider on inclement weather dates. Do keep in mind that our calendars provide for additional instructional time to prevent us needing to make up those days. Speaking of calendars, our calendar committee will be meeting in the next few weeks to confirm our 2-year calendar.  We will also update our policy so that each year, we post a calendar for the 2nd year out, thus allowing families ample time to plan their vacations or activities well in advance.

School Performance Grades were officially released, and as predicted, we RECEIVED OUR HIGHEST SCORE EVER! We also exceeded growth and most importantly, last year, every Voyager Senior who attended our school in 2018-2019 graduated! More updates to follow on the amount of total scholarship dollars awarded for students in academics, service and athletics/performance.  As a whole, we have a lot to celebrate!
A big thank you to one of our newest sponsors; Integrity Wealth Advantage, LLC, 
and as always, a big thanks to our annual sponsors, El Rodeo, North Durham Orthodontics (Dr. Gina Lee), EmergeOrtho, and Chick-Fil-A Roxboro Rd., who play such a huge role in allowing us to use athletics as a way to teach our students outside of the classroom.  

We have recently updated the language on our Capital Campaign and Annual Fund page to help our donors choose where they want their donations to serve. All donations to the capital campaign will be collected to purchase much needed buses for our school. This is a top priority for us!  Other general donations may be dedicated to academics, athletics and arts. On the donation page, there are ALSO sponsorship opportunities for you which is just our way of “giving back” to recognize our community partners and sponsors and provide advertising, exposure, free admission to events, and much more.  So, if you plan to donate, check out the Arts and Stadium sponsorships so we can give you benefits of naming rights and exposure for your support.  
Many parents have been completing their background checks to help us through volunteering efforts on and off campus.  Thank you for this! It keeps our children safe and the more parental involvement we have the more successful we will all be! These checks are good for two years and we maintain the database for all approved volunteers. If you would like to volunteer and find the fee for the background check prohibitive, please email  me directly so I can help .
Science Olympiad is starting up again and you can find out much more detailed information in the sections below. Although Science Olympiad is a paid fee academic club, please make sure you email me or Connie Vance directly to make sure your child can participate! Don’t miss out on this great program! 
Check out the newsletter below for the upcoming EXPO event on September 12 which will focus on our EC and AIG programs and how these programs can provide support for your students and how you can help be part of their success.
11th Grade Students & Parents: 
VAHS will be offering the PSAT to interested 11th grade students.  The PSAT test will take place on Wednesday, October 16th, beginning at 8:00am in the HIgh School Commons. The test will only be offered once and there is no make-up date. Students who choose to take the PSAT will be excused for that portion of the school day. Parents may register their student at . The cost of the exam is $16.
The PSAT is a practice test that prepares students for success on the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test). Additional information for students and parents about the PSAT can be found at Additionally, Juniors who do very well on the PSAT may qualify for the NMSQT Scholarship Competition. Test results are usually received in December. Students will receive their test book back as well as a score report that gives specific information about their correct/incorrect answers, difficulty level of questions and content each question assessed. VAHS counselor, Jill O'Kane will make arrangements to distribute and explain results to students.
Questions regarding the PSAT administration, should go to Laura Howell, VA Testing/Accountability Coordinator.

We look forward to seeing you all this week!