Sunday, September 8, 2019

Voyager Academy Elementary School News, Sept. 8, 2019

What a crazy week? We are so thankful that we did not reap any of the damages from the hurricane or any tornadoes. Glad to be back today and return to our regular schedule on Monday.

Future Information
When school is delayed, there is no morning care.  With that in mind, middle school parents can’t drop their students off in the gym because there is not anyone to supervise them. We cannot allow middle school parents to merge into the lane from elementary school until 9:45.  If so, we would clog up the line and no one could move.  Sorry for the inconvenience. I hope this information will help you plan better in the future. Sorry you didn’t have this from me sooner.  

Car Line 
Parents have done a remarkable job with the new dismissal system.  I could not be more pleased with how efficiently and quickly we are moving.  Thanks so much for continuing to display your red placard!

Dates to Place on Your Calendar:
September 13:  Progress Reports come home.
September 17: Our school pictures at the elementary school will be taken for the yearbook 
Specials will present their project, Patterns and Rhythm Around the World,  on Dec. 6, in the high school gym.  More specific information will come later.

Below is a picture of Evan Menchini, our Technology Director.  He created the program that the elementary and middle schools use for dismissal.  He assisted in our planning and training of staff and has supported us whole-heartedly as we started this process.  Kudos to Evan for his program and support!