Sunday, September 1, 2019

Voyager Academy Elementary School News, Sept. 1, 2019

Hi and Happy Labor Day!

I’m happy to report that we are settling in and getting to the business of teaching our students.  Teachers and TAs are receiving Monday Professional Development, Teachers are meeting to discuss curriculum as well as data on students who need extra help.  Carly Morton, our Director of Instruction and our AP, Jeneen Graves, are playing key roles during these meetings.  Our team leaders are working with their teams to make sure their pacing guides and lessons are aligned and proper procedures are followed to align with the Voyager strategic plan.  Who could ask for more? Every second is busy and we are all working for the good of our kids. I’m so proud of our staff. Each day I’m reminded of why I love coming to work.

Good News
Finally, good news about our car line.  I am now receiving positive feedback about car line and the processes that have been tweaked.  Of course, we continue to have the occasional person cutting line on Ben Franklin.  Overall, the car line is flowing and running smoothly.  I attribute that to many parents responding to being here at or before 7:15 ready to roll. This has helped us out immensely. Thanks so much

New Procedure in Car LIne on Tuesday, September 3 
Red placard cards were sent home this past Wednesday with student name and ID numbers.  These new cards with ID numbers should be displayed on car dashboards beginning Tuesday, September 3.  Two callers will enter the 4 digit numbers with assigned zones that will show up in the classroom on the board.  This will replace students called with walkies from the gym.   The students will go from their classroom to the gym and out to their zone.  We will keep students stacked beginning at 2:45. The middle school uses this process and have for a couple of years. The positive outcomes of more efficient and faster car line and students are dismissed from classrooms instead or 300 or more students sitting on gym floor for 45 minutes unable to talk.  We want dismissal to be positive for our kids  as they leave us for the day and excited to return the next day.

Reading Beginning of Grade Test
The reading BOG is back and we are sending it home today.  Please keep in mind that the scores reflect what your child knows now (at the beginning of the year).  They have a full  year of instruction before they need to pass the test. This is simply benchmark data for us to measure the annual growth.

Dates to Place on Your Calendar:
September 2:  Labor Day, school closed
Pictures:  Our school pictures at the elementary school will be taken for the yearbook on  September 17 
Specials will present their project, Patterns and Rhythm Around the World,  on Dec. 6, in the high school gym.  More specific information will come later.

Below is a picture of Robert saying goodbye to our kids.  He is also  being serenaded by former principal, Leslie Paynter and our music teacher, Kristin Sawyer.  They are accompanied by music class playing along with instrumentals.

Farewell to Robert Frye
It was with mixed emotions that we said goodbye to Robert yesterday afternoon.  Robert was our custodian for the past 5 years.  Being one of the few males in our school, many of our boys bonded with him.  Several girls also had a great rapport with him. He spoke to them, asked how they were doing and always made them feel special.  We remember Robert with a smile on his face and a very warm heart.  He will be missed at Voyager. We wish him well and much happiness in his new job.  Robert is very sad to leave his school family.  

Happy Labor Day Weekend!  Remember red placards on Tuesday!