Sunday, September 1, 2019

Voyager Academy Middle School News, Sept. 1, 2019

Dear VAMS Families,

It’s hard to believe September is here!  I’m not sure what happened to August. I continue to be pleased with the teaching and learning that takes place in the middle school.  I hope you are talking to the students about their learning and what they are doing in each subject area!

MS Counselor Corner
It is so hard to believe that we have been in school for almost a month. 
I hope everyone is having a smooth transition back into your school/work routine. I would like to take this time to share my website with you all, Here you will find information about the services available for students, Section 504, MTSS, ACT and a little about me. If you are interested in your child participating in group counseling please visit the website and complete the group interest form under the services tab. Groups will begin after fall break and last 6-8 weeks. Group sizes are typically 6 or less students. The number of groups will depend on the level of interest and need.
Lastly, if you know of any local opportunities that will be of interest to our students at the middle, please feel free to email me the information at and I will share it with others through our weekly newsletter.   
Tonya Farrish, Middle School Counselor

Lunch Coverage and Luncheons
I’ve noticed some of you are already covering teachers during lunch.  Teachers really appreciate eating their lunch in a quiet setting. Thanks for taking time from your busy schedule to give our teachers duty free lunch! 

Our first Teacher Luncheon of the year will be September 17th.  Please review the sign-up and help if you are able.  We appreciate anything you can contribute (paper goods, food, time, etc).  This first sign up has alot of information, please read the first page thoroughly.  We have included a sign-up link for teacher lunch coverage.  We are also looking for more volunteers, if you are interested in being a part of the Hospitality Committee for the Middle school, please contact Dana King ( or Kaylyn Fernandez (

Dana King and Kaylyn Fernandez   

We are having WAY TOO MANY tardies.  Tardy means you child is NOT in the classroom when the 8:15 bell rings.  If our students are not in class at 8:15, they are missing morning instruction that begins when the tardy bell rings. 

Car Line
A huge THANK YOU for your continued support of following the car line process!  The morning is terrific and now I can say the afternoon is terrific. I want to ask that high school students not be dropped off at the middle school in the mornings.  High schoolers should be dropped off at the high school. On most days we have the long line of afternoon traffic off Ben Franklin no later than 1:35/3:35 with only a few late comers arriving after 1:45/3:45. Remember, in the afternoons you should pick up your children by 1:45/3:45. If you have a high school student picking up a middle school student in the afternoon, we understand they must wait until high school dismisses in order to get to middle school.  Thanks for helping make car line a success!

We’ve had lots of success with our GoPlaySave fundraiser.  We only have 25 outstanding books/money. Make sure your child brings the book or the money to school on Tuesday.  We want 100%.

Thanks to all of you who signed up to receive my REMIND texts.  If you have not signed up the receive a Remind text, please do so and use your child’s grade level code(s).  This is a great way for me to send info to grade levels. It’s also a quick way to send info to all of you especially when there is a change to the school day.

4th Grade parents -In the“To” section of the text type 81010 and in the message type  @g268ac.
5th Grade parents -In the“To” section of the text type 81010 and in the message type  @fbk6d6.
6th Grade parents -In the“To” section of the text type 81010 and in the message type @ce2ff32.
7th Grade parents -In the“To” section of the text type 81010 and in the message type @9h6kdd.
8th Grade parents -In the”To” section of the text type 81010 and in the message type @963dd8.

As always, if you have questions or comments, feel free to share with me.  My email is 

Enjoy the weekend,

Gwen Johnson, Principal
Voyager Academy Middle School