Sunday, April 19, 2020

From the Managing Director's Desk, April 19, 2020

Welcome back Vikings! We hope everyone got to enjoy the holiday week and that you and your families are doing well.  Sometimes, no news is actually good news.  I would like to thank our staff again for all they do and for adapting to these new measures and teaching expectations.  And as a mother of 4 children, all working on at home school, we salute you, parents, for all you do to support our students! We will get through this quarter together!

Please continue to check our website for updates regarding food distribution channels that have been revised. As always, please reach out to one of our counselors or principals if you need any assistance and we will do our best to provide what is needed.   We are here for you!

We are in constant communication as a team to share updates and information as we receive and to revise any contingency plans in place. At this time, we have rescheduled events such as prom and graduation and will continue to work within the confines we have to determine the next steps. We are truly hoping to make some of these culminating events a reality. 

Are your kids missing their friends?  Maybe we can help!  In addition to our virtual classes, we have begun to set up virtual playdates through our aftercare program.  Please look for links for Zoom playdates by grade level if you would like to join!   As you know, we do not have clear direction on when we will be able to resume classes (if at all this year) or camps, but provided we are able to, Voyager will host summer camp.  If you are interested in camp please reach out to Ms. Boney. We will not conduct any registrations or collect any fees at this time until we know with certainty when programs can begin. 

As always, we are doing our best to keep our students engaged and learning. Here is a picture of virtual math form the middle school....thanks for sharing Mr. Credle!