Sunday, December 3, 2017

Voyager Academy Middle School News, Dec. 3, 2017


I cannot believe that we are now in December and in the final weeks of the first semester.  Next week we will administer benchmarks in reading and math.  Once we receive the reports, our teachers will analyze the data to determine the level of learning of each student in order to determine our strong areas and our areas of need.  It’s extremely important for our students to be on time as benchmarks will start immediately after the 8:15 announcements.  If they are not in their class when benchmarks begin, they will have to wait until the benchmarks are completed before going to class.  Please make sure your children are on time – meaning students are in class when the 8:15 bell rings!

Our 8th graders had a terrific learning experience on Wednesday as they travelled to Washington, NC to visit the N. C. Estuarium.  According to the students, they learned much about estuaries.  They were able to participate in many activities.  According to several parent chaperones, our students represented Voyager well!

Congratulations to Lauren Galbraith!  During Fall Break Lauren had the opportunity to participate in an ice hockey tournament.  Lauren is part of an experienced ice hockey team.  Lauren’s team came in first place and Lauren held the other teams to a minimal number of goals.  Lauren also had the opportunity to meet several players from other countries.  Lauren is making a new for herself in the ice hockey arena!  Congrats, Lauren!

Our teachers have been participating in Professional Development led by their peers.  On Monday, Mr. Price led a session that allowed teachers to problem solve, use their critical thinking skills, and work as a team.  The activity was similar to the escape room concept.  The teachers were focused and determined to solve the problem.



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