Sunday, December 3, 2017

Voyager Academy Science Olympiad News, Dec. 3, 2017


Division A (K-6) - Erik Benson (
Division B (6-9) - Connie Vance (
Division C (9-12) - Amanda Honey (


The SO A team season is getting underway this week!

This year's A team is getting started!  Thanks to all of you who have signed up, we've got a great team shaping up for this year!
  • The first team meeting is this Saturday, December 2nd, from 10am-noon in the VAMS art room.  This is a chance for students and parents in both the regional and K-3 competitions to meet their partners, hear about how the team will work this year, and ask questions. 
  • The first open practice of the season wil lbe Saturday, December 16th, from 9am-noon @ VAMS.
  • There are still open spots for both competitions!  Click here for signup information about the K-5 regional competition, or click here for K-3 in-school competition information.
Look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow morning.  GO VIKINGS GO



Practices have been underway since October and everyone is doing a great job!  We still have room for a few more students to join the team. Contact Connie Vance ( for more information.  

B Team, make sure your calendars are marked with these important dates:

  • We got a spot in the Science Olympiad Showcase at the Museum of Natural Sciences in downtown Raleigh.
  • The showcase will take the place of our regular weekend practice.  It is a chance to see how well prepared you are for you event and get hands-on practice time!  
  • Selected test-based events will be offered as a competition (click here for the schedule).  We will be assigned a time slot in the a.m. (9:30-12:30) OR p.m. (1-4).  
  • In addition to the test-based competition, here will also be talks, exhibits, and carts related to other Science Olympiad events.
  • Towers, hovercraft, optics, ping pong parachute: you will have the opportunity to work on these events as much as you want!   
3/3/18: Durham Regional Tournament

  • The Durham Regional Tournament will be held on 3/3/18 at Riverside High School.  
  • The tournament schedule (including time slots for each period) is available here.

It's not too late to join the C team.  Send an email to for more information!