Sunday, December 17, 2017

Voyager Academy Science Olympiad News, Dec. 17, 2017

Division A (K-6) - Erik Benson (
Division B (6-9) - Connie Vance (
Division C (9-12) - Amanda Honey (

The A team is underway for the Science Olympiad season!  Thanks to everyone who came to last week's first meeting, we've got a fantastic group for this year.

And - we still have spots available for both the K-5 regional competition and the K-3 elementary in-school program.  Please follow the links for more information if you're interested in signing up, and emaiil the team if you have any questions.  The next team practice session is Saturday 12/16 from 9am-noon, and we'd love to see you there.  GO VIKINGS GO!

-Erik Benson (919 730-0894)

Practices have been underway since October and everyone is doing a great job!  We still have room for more students to join the team. Contact Connie Vance ( for more information.  

B Team, make sure your calendars are marked with these important dates:

  • We got a spot in the Science Olympiad Showcase at the Museum of Natural Sciences in downtown Raleigh!
  • The showcase will take the place of our regular weekend practice.  It is a chance to see how well prepared you are for you event and get hands-on practice time!  
  • Selected test-based events will be offered as a competition (click here for the schedule).  We will be assigned a time slot in the a.m. (9:30-12:30) OR p.m. (1-4).  
  • In addition to the test-based competition, here will also be talks, exhibits, and carts related to other Science Olympiad events.

  • Towers, hovercraft, optics, ping pong parachute: you will have the opportunity to work on these events as much as you want!   

3/3/18: Durham Regional Tournament

  • The Durham Regional Tournament will be held on 3/3/18 at Riverside High School.  
  • The tournament schedule (including time slots for each period) is available here.

We wish to give a big thank you to everyone who has already joined the Science Olympiad team.  At this time, the varsity team is full.  Anyone with an interest in science is encouraged to join our JV team. Contact for more information.