Sunday, February 4, 2018

Voyager Academy Elementary School News, Feb. 4, 2018

Dear VAES Families,

We have noticed that more and more students are arriving late to school.  Today, over 20 cars were pulling into carline and coming up the hill at 7:44.  There is no way to get 20+ cars through in less than a minute when the tardy sign is to be turned at 7:45.  Remember that teachers actually begin morning meeting at 7:45 AM. We are being generous with waiting to turn the tardy sign at 7:45 (due to the large number of cars dropping of elementary and middle school students at VAES).  Students should be in class and ready to learn at 7:45 and not in carline.  

I have instructed the staff member on AM carline duty at the corner of the elementary carline exit and the top of the connector road that on Monday morning, they are to turn the tardy sign at 7:45 AM, regardless of how many cars are on the hill.   This could mean that at 7:44 the car in front of you makes it through and as you approach "the clock strikes 7:45", the sign is turned, and your student is tardy.  Do not argue with the staff member.  Proceed to the front office and sign in your student.  Parents must come into the office with their student and sign them in if they are tardy.    If you are one of the families that are "cutting it close" each day and arriving at 7:44 or 7:45, I would strongly encourage you to leave your house 5 minutes earlier.  

Also, while waiting in carline in the AM or PM, DO NOT block the crosswalks or entrance to the elementary school that is beside the middle school carline driveway.  These are safety issues!  We MUST keep the crosswalks open so that students and the adults can cross safely and we must keep the entrances open in case of an emergency so that emergency vehicles could enter and exit.

On Thursday, we kicked off Jump Rope for Heart with an assembly.  Money collection envelopes and parent letters were sent home Friday afternoon. Through our Jump Rope for Heart service-learning project our students will help raise money for the American Heart Association. The money will go toward research and services that will save and improve lives.  The event will take place during Physical Education classes the week of February 12 - 16. All students will participate in activity stations and learn about how to keep their hearts healthy.  Donations can be made online or sent to school in your child’s donation envelope. Here is a direct link to our school page: Students get thank you prizes based on the amount donated (details are on the donation envelope, in the parent letter, and on our school page online).  Our fundraising goal is $6,500. For every $1,500 raised, our Physical Education program will receive $100 for equipment purchases.  Thank you for supporting our efforts and Jump Rope for Heart!!  

On Friday, many of our 2nd grade students and staff celebrated the 100th day of school.  Can you believe that we have already completed 100 days?  Happy 100th Day!!!!
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The next PTO luncheon for the staff at the elementary school is scheduled for February 14th during Teacher Appreciation Week! The theme this month is "Italian."
Please click on the link and review the list below and sign up for what you can contribute. Any and all help is appreciated. They also need help with set-up and clean-up.

Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week is fast approaching! The PTO will celebrate our Voyager teachers and staff the week of February 12th-16th. In order to show our appreciation for ALL staff at Voyager Academy, they need your help! The PTO is asking for contributions to help pay for several small snacks offered throughout the week and to also contribute to their annual gift card giveaway. They have also created a signup genius for supply day. They have asked the staff to think big. You can donate to TAW in three ways. All donations are due by February 8th!  
2) Cash or checks made out to Voyager Academy PTO in any amount labeled "Teacher Appreciation"
3) Gift cards to ANY vendor for ANY amount  labeled "Teacher Appreciation" 


-Monday, February 12-Supply Day-K-12 supply wish list:
If your teachers didn't contribute to the list, check in with them to see what they need! 
-Tuesday, February 13-Staff Snack Day (Covered by the PTO)
-Wednesday, February 14-Staff Appreciation Lunch (Covered by Hospitality Committee)
-Thursday, February 15-Staff Snack Day (Covered by PTO)
-Friday, February 16-The Annual Gift Card Giveaway

We have been displaying the notes for our staff on our “Only One You-You Can Make a Difference” bulletin board in the first grade hallway across from the science room.  Don’t forget that we have blank note cards in a folder attached to the bulletin board.  If you want to write a kind message, please come and take a note card from the bulletin board.  
“Only One You-You Can Make a Difference” Highlighted Staff from January 29 – February 9:
Evan Menchini, K – 12 IT Director
Angie Oakley, K TA
Jessica Williams, K TA
Katie Ellis, 1st Grade Teacher
Chelsea Bartolomeo, 2nd Grade Teacher
Kerri Owens, 2nd Grade Teacher
Lauren Ayer, 3rd Grade Teacher
Leslie Paynter
VAES Principal



Hello Voyager Families,
Thank you once again for all your help at the last luncheon.  The teachers/staff loved the "Comfort Foods" theme! The food was delicious and the help was greatly appreciated. Our next luncheon at the elementary school is scheduled for February 14th during Teacher Appreciation Week! Our theme this month is "Italian."
Please click on the link and review the list below and sign up for what you can contribute. Any and all help is appreciated. We also need help with set-up and clean-up.
1. Teacher/staff ratio is 50/60.
2. Food should be delivered by 10:45 am on the day of the luncheon.
3. Please bring hot dishes in a crock pot, or dish with an insulated cover. We do not have an oven to heat items.
4. Cold foods can be stored in the refrigerator in the VAES Conference Room - LABEL FOOD CLEARLY "For Luncheon" with your name on it.
5. Please label dishes clearly with your name if you want it returned. You may pick up washed dishes after 2:00 in the VAES kitchen area.
6. Please specify what type of food you are bringing to avoid duplicates and the quantity so we can ensure we have enough food for everyone.
7. Please contact you teach to ensure he/she has lunch coverage for that day! Thank you so much for your help every month. We could not provide these incredible luncheons without your support.
Kathy Robinson and Susan Barkley



Elementary School (K-3) Yearbooks are now on sale and can only be ordered online this year. You can order your copy online at Our pre-order period has ended and yearbooks are now $28.00 each and must be ordered by March 31, 2018. After this date, no additional book orders will be accepted. We do not order extra copies and so we will not be able to guarantee extra books will be available, if they are not ordered online. To order, visit, click on Pay or Order Online, enter our school code 110322 for Voyager Elementary, then click View Gallery. Choose Yearbook to proceed to your order. Please contact Leslie Jewell ( if you have any questions. Order today!!



Don’t forget that we will have College Day every Thursday and Voyager Day every Friday.  All staff, students, and parents can wear their favorite college apparel on Thursdays and Voyager apparel and/or our school colors (red, white, and blue) to show school spirit and pride on Fridays!!  



Please remember that we will follow the DPS inclement weather advisories including delays, closures, and early dismissals. So, if DPS is closed, we will be closed. If DPS has a two hour delay, we will have a two hour delay.  If DPS, has an early release due to inclement 
weather, we will dismiss early too.  If you see that DPS is closed, delayed, or releasing early and you have not seen something for Voyager, know that we will be doing the same thing as DPS.  We will post these on our website, alert the local TV stations, send a school connects message, and we will also send a REMIND text, as soon as we can.



Jan. 17 - Feb. 12 (extended due to the 3 days of snow)
K - 3 mClass MOY

Feb. 1
Jump Rope for Heart Assembly @ 2:00 PM
Feb. 7
VAES Tour K – 3 @ 8:30
Feb. 7 - 16
Jump Rope for Heart
Feb. 12 – Feb. 16
PTO Teacher Appreciation Week
Feb. 15
K & 1st Grade Project Celebration @ 5:30 PM
Feb. 16
3rd Grade Project Celebration @ 11:00 AM & 2nd Grade @ 1:00 PM
Feb. 16
PTO Family Dance
Feb. 19
Required Teacher Workday/Inclement Weather Make-up Day
Feb. 20 - 23
1st – 3rd Grade Case 21 2nd Math Benchmark Assessment
Feb. 23
End of 2nd Trimester

Mar. 5
2nd Trimester Report cards to go home
Mar. 8
K – 12 Voyager Lottery-5:00 PM @ MS Gym
Mar. 12 & 13
Required Teacher Workdays/Inclement Weather Make-up Days
Mar. 14
VAES Tour for K – 3 Admitted Students @ 11:15 AM