Sunday, February 4, 2018

Voyager Academy Science Olympiad, Feb. 4, 2018

Hello, team A!  It was great to see so many of you practicing last Saturday.  Here's this week's updates:
    • PRACTICE! Next open practice is Saturday 2/10 from 9am-noon at Voyager high school.  We'll be based in the science classrooms all the way down the hall on the right.  Please be sure to sign your student in when you arrive!
    • ROSTERS! Please review updated rosters and let Coach Erik know have any questions.
    • PARTNER COMMUNICATION!  IMPORTANT...before you come to a Saturday practice, be sure to be in touch with your students' partners and parents to coordinate your practice times, to make the extra time your student is spending as useful as possible!  f you need contact info for one of your partners, please let us know.
    • EXTRA T-SHIRTS! if you'd like to order an extra team T shirt for a sibling (or a parent or grandparent), please follow this link.  Extra shirts are $10 apiece, and we need orders by this weeken
    • IN-SCHOOL PROGRAM! Thanks to all who volunteered to keep the in-school program going for this year!  The program is starting now and will conclude with a showcase at Science Night on March 27th.  REMEMBER...our in-school students are all official alternates for our regional teams!  Stay tuned to the in-school program page for updated info as the program gets underway

Look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday.  GO VIKINGS GO!



    • The regional competition is on March 3 at Riverside High School!!!!  
    • Our regular practice day is Saturday from 9-12 and the supplemental practice day is Sunday from 2-5 at the high school.  
    • In addition to the practices, everyone should be spending EXTRA TME preparing for their will pay off!!!  
    • Two parents have volunteered to help coordinate lunch and snacks for the tournament.  Stay tuned!
    • Parents: if you want to purchase an extra Science Olympiad t-shirt for $10, use this link.  (Remember - your student gets a t-shirt as part of their team fees!)

The C Team meets in Ms. Honey's room on Thursday afternoon immediately after school.