Sunday, April 29, 2018

Voyager Academy Science Olympiad News, April 29, 2018

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The Varsity B team and First Place Overall Winners from the C team participated in the state tournament at NC State on Saturday, April 21, competing against Science Olympiad teams from across the state.  Congratulations to the all the students who participated!!!

Division B Medalists:
Marcus Roman and Jahlen Staples, Ping Pong Parachute, 9th place

Division B Honorable Mentions:
Nate Scott-Benson and Zayden Parks, Amazing Mechatronics, 14th place
Xander Pennuto and Zeke Epps, Fast Facts, 15th place
Toheed Bakare and Zayden Parks, Herpetology, 16th place
Jordan Rogers and Toheed Bakare, Anatomy & Physiology, 22nd place
Zeke Epps and Jacob Galbraith, Ecology, 25th place
Zayden Parks and Sophia Carpenter, Towers, 25th place
Cameron Bradley and Samara Williams, Rocks & Minerals, 26th place
Jonah Ravi and Johnathan Harmon, Roller Coaster, 28th place

Division C Medalists:
Devan Desai and Amith Jagannath, Disease Detectives, 10th place

Division C Honorable Mentions:
Lauren Steiner and Madison Brinkley, 16th place
Sam Williamson and Allie Akers, Ecology, 19th place



In the DPS regional tournament on Saturday, April 14th, he Voyager A Varsity team took first place overall in their team division, tand the JV team finished fifth in their division.  Both of these wins are an unbelievable achievement.  This year's tournament was super competitive with some great teams, and both our teams really competed well in all of their events.

Thirty-six Voyager students in grades K-5 competed in 34 out of 38 events, some solo, some in pairs, and some in groups of 3 or 4.  In those 34 events, there were 9 Voyager first place finishes, and a total of 28 finishes in the top 5!  Those incredible results are what helped both teams to strong finishes.

Most impressive of all -  with both its teams - Voyager won the Spirit Award for a second consecutive year!  In Science Olympiad competitions, the Spirit Award is the one that is the hardest to win, and the one that every SO coach is the proudest of.  It shows how well all of the team members represent Voyager in their events with the volunteers, event supervisors, and other teams and coaches.  In fact, the nominations to win it comes directly from other teams and the tournament officials.  It really shows what a great job all our competitors to make SO such a big success here at Voyager year after year.  Once again, everyone played a huge part in winning the best award for Voyager that SO can give!

So, congratulations to all our competitors, and thanks to all the parents and teachers who pitched in and made the A team so successful this year!

- Erik Benson, Head Coach