Saturday, September 30, 2017

Voyager Academy Arts Programs news, Sept. 30, 2017

VA Visual, Culinary, and Performing Arts Update
VAFOA, Voyager Academy Friends of the Arts
VAHS Culinary Arts!
We have been hard at work in Culinary Arts! Last week we cleaned up the garden and planted pumpkins and winter squash. We also made homemade chicken stock in class from the bones of the chickens we fabricated. The students are doing a wonderful job and I hope, enjoying themselves! Please see attached pictures!
Kylie Koerner, VAHS Culinary Arts Teacher

The Arts in Schools Helps Teach Students

Life Success Skills:

* Better understanding of core subjects such as reading, writing, math and social studies.
* Learning creative problem-solving and decision-making skills
* Building self-esteem and self-discipline.

* Building skills in cooperation and group problem-solving
* Developing the ability to imagine what might be.

* Appreciating & understanding of different cultures and cultural values.