Sunday, February 17, 2019

Voyager Academy Science Olympiad News, February 17, 2019

Competition Team 
  • Next practice is Saturday 2/23, 9am-noon
  • Be sure to review your partner assignments!  We’ve added new students to the team and moved a few students around too.  If you need contact info for one of your partners, please contact Coach Erik.
  • Team t shirts are on order, we’ll let everyone know they’re here to give out!
Elementary In-School Program
Elementary In-School SO Program Update: This will be our 6th week! The Ramp and Roll class has been discussing different forces and doing a challenge involving friction.  The Super Sleuths started discussing atoms and molecules and began their next case: The Cupcake Heist. The Sky Quest group is traveling to each planet to discover what makes it unique. 

Volunteers are needed for the regional tournament.  Qualifications: must love science!  To sign up, go to the volunteer registration page (if you are a parent, do not sign up for your child's event). Volunteers get lunch, snacks, and a Science Olympiad t-shirt.

The countdown is on...two weeks to go till the regional tournament on March 2!

NCSO requirements for the regional tournament tournament:

  • All student participants must sign the NCSO Vandalism & Behavior Form.  See Connie Vance at practice to sign the form. 
  • All parents must complete the online NCSO Consent Form.  The link to the form has been sent through the team's google group.  If you need the link sent again or you need a printed copy of the form, contact Connie Vance.  

For more information about the B team, visit the team website

Team meetings and practices are held on Thursday afternoons in Ms. Honey's room immediately after school.  Open practices are also held on most Saturdays from 9-12.  The regional tournament is on Saturday, March 2 at Riverside High School.

C team Head Coach: Amanda Honey
Team Captains: Devan Desai and Sam Williamson