Sunday, March 10, 2019

Voyager Academy Science Olympiad News, March 10, 2019

  • Next practice Saturday 3/16 9am-noon @ VAHS - There is no SO practice this Saturday 3/9, so everyone rest up and get ready to make a run up to our tournament in 4 weeks. 
  • Tournament coming up! The Durham regional tournament for the competition is coming up on Saturday, April 6th. We have THREE MORE TEAM PRACTICES (3/16, 3/23, 3/30) before we compete at Southern High School.  Please be in touch with your student partners and plan to be at these practices if you can! 
    • Practice tips for parents: it's great to be ready to help your students and their partners have their materials or things that they're building ready to go, review the event rules to verify what supplies and notes they need, test anything that they're building for competition to make sure it's ready, and run some "events" to get them ready for competition.  If you need help getting your students oriented, getting mock events together, or anything else to get prepared, just email and let me know.  
  • Partner check - get in touch! - The rosters are 96% there after making some adjustments over the last few practices.  Please verify your events with the team coach before next practice, and check the below events that need students: 
    • Varsity team, we need one partner for Lauren in Pasta Tower - if you're interested or know a friend who would like to join the team, have them get in touch! 
    • JV team, Jason also needs a partner for Energy Matters - if your student would like to volunteer, that would be great as well.
  • Science Night Mon 3/25 - need parent volunteers!  Science Night is coming up at the end of the month!  We'll be featuring the A events we've run through the in-school program, as well as some other B and C events.  To make everything run smoothly, we need volunteers to help set up, run, and take down those events.  If you're interested, please contact Ashleigh Eisch or Kristin Jantz for more info.  Signups for volunteers will be posted soon as well.

Elementary In-School Program:  We just completed our 8th week! There are two weeks left.  The Ramp and Roll group built bridges and lifts this week.  The Super Sleuths discovered how iodine turns starches black and the Sky Quest kids made moons.  We will also have activities at Science Night on March 26th. 

Congratulations to all the students on the B and C teams who competed at the Durham Regional tournament on March 3.  This year's competition was incredibly intense.  Even so, both teams brought home 5th place trophies!

Varsity Team
5th place out of a total of 14 varsity teams
5th place out of the 22 total teams at the competition
Varsity Rankings
8th Anatomy and Physiology (Will Vance and Zach Hibbard)
1st Astronomy (Will Vance and Zach Hibbard)
5th Boomilever (Madison Brinkley and Rosie Scott-Benson)
5th Chemistry Lab (Spencer Friedlein and Michael Kariher)
1st Circuit Lab (Spencer Friedlein and Michael Kariher)
2nd Codebusters (Devan Desai, Rosie Scott-Benson, and Amith Jagannath)
6th Designer Genes (Devan Desai and Madison Miner)
4th Disease Detectives (Devan Desai and Amith Jagannath)
3rd Dynamic Planet (Sam Williamson and Rosie Scott-Benson)
8th Fermi Questions (Rosie Scott-Benson and Simon Ocsenas)
8th Forensics (Marcus Roman and Simon Ocsenas)
1st Fossils (Leif Kelley and Zach Hibbard)
3rd Geologic Mapping (Sam Williamson and Leif Kelley)
2nd Herpetology (Will Vance and Aaron Anthony)
5th Mission Possible (Madison Brinkley and Toheed Bakare)
8th Mousetrap Vehicle (Amith Jagannath and Spencer Friedlein)
4th Ping Pong Parachute (Marcus Roman and Jacob McKenna)
4th Protein Modeling (Devan Desai, Madison Miner, and Simon Ocsenas)
5th Thermodynamics
5th Water Quality (Sam Williamson and Victor Stonebraker)
7th Write it Do it (Sam Williamson and Madison Brinkley)
5th Duct Tape Challenge (Devan Desai and Rosie Scott-Benson)

We earned top 8 for all of the events that we competed in, an achievement that was unmatched by all of the other teams. 

JV Rankings
4th Astronomy (Jaden Ross and Courtney Lefebvre)
4th Fossils (Jaden Ross)
3rd Write it Do It (Courtney Lefebvre and Averie Barrett)

A summary of the results for the B and C can be at the Durham regional tournament website.