Friday, October 2, 2020

Voyager Academy Middle School News, Oct. 2, 2020

Hello Middle School Parents, 

Can you believe it is October?  Fall Break is right around the corner.  The month October is going to be very busy so stay tuned to all that will be happening.

Upcoming Parent Enrichment:

The Student Services Team is thrilled to partner with Responsive Early Access for Durham’s Young Children (READY) to bring an informative presentation to our Voyager community.  The presentation overview and registration link are below.  We look forward to seeing you all on Thursday, October 8th at 6 p.m.


Raising Resilient Children:

The pandemic, social distancing and isolation puts a strain on our families.  How do we help our children to manage their feelings and become resilient in dealing with this on-going stress?  In this interactive workshop, parents and caregivers learn how to cultivate children’s ability to: express feelings appropriately; build a positive outlook; develop coping skills; and deal with stressful life events.

Registration Link:

Say Something Training:

On Friday, October 23rd, Voyager Academy Middle (6th-8th graders) and High School will undergo training to launch the “Say Something Anonymous Reporting System” (SS-ARS).  This program teaches middle and high students, teachers, and administrators how to recognize warning signs and signals, especially within social media, of individuals who may be a threat to themselves or others and Say Something to a trusted adult OR use its anonymous reporting system.  The link below provides additional information about the program.

Voyager’s Science Olympiad Program: Science Olympiad Team – Info meetings coming!    If you are interested in joining any of our science olympiad competition teams (elementary, middle school or high school), please fill out this INTEREST FORM. Science Olympiad is a program where a team of Voyager students compete in science events against other schools. We will send the zoom details to everyone who fills out the interest form.

Oct 7th 1pm – High School Team Info Meeting (9th-12th)

Oct 7th 7pm – Elementary School Team Info Meeting (K-5th)

Oct 8th 7pm – Middle School Team Info Meeting (6th-8th

From Mrs. Johnson:  

The middle school staff and I have been talking about missing assignments, grades and attendance quite a bit.  As you know, when we were teaching remotely during the spring, we did not provide grades for students’ work assignments nor was attendance an issue.

I’m not sure that everyone understands that this year student work is graded and entered into PowerSchool. Students will also receive report cards based on the work turned in and the grades attached to the work. The first report card  is scheduled to be sent home on October 23. At this point I am very concerned about many of our students as I don’t feel we are all taking this grading period very seriously. Students have 2 weeks to “turn the ship around” this quarter and have their grades show they are working. I have asked teachers to share with me the names of the students who are not completing and turning in their work as well as the names of the students who are not consistently attending class.  If your child’s name is on the list, I will be in touch with you in order to create a plan to support your child/our student. 

I’ve heard from many of you regarding the revised schedule and also heard from many of you regarding Wednesdays.  I would like to know your thinking on how we can support our students on Wednesdays based on our current schedule and Wednesday requirements. 

REMIND Text: Thanks to those of you who signed up!  

4th Grade parents    In the“To” section of the text type 81010 and in the message type  @6agbha.

5th Grade parents -In the“To” section of the text type 81010 and in the message type  @eh9f6kb.

6th Grade parents -In the“To” section of the text type 81010 and in the message type @beeh8h.

7th Grade parents -In the“To” section of the text type 81010 and in the message type @cak43k.

8th Grade parents -In the”To” section of the text type 81010 and in the message type @8cg9ch

      Helpful Tips for Remote Learning: 

  1. Establish a daily routine to be prepared for the learning experience (wake-up, dressed, eat breakfast and then begin instruction, lunch break, etc.). 
  2. Identify a good working space, at home, where you can work effectively. 
  4. Engage in all learning with academic honesty and best effort. 
  5. Be prepared to listen and learn by having all needed materials. 
  6. Make sure your computer is charged. 
  7. Ask questions in the chat. 
  8. Take pride in completing all assignments and submitting them on time.



Oct. 8 - Duke Energy visits 7th graders, 9:00

Oct 12 - 16 - Fall Break

Oct. 23 - MS Report Cards for 1st Quarter

Oct. 23 - Grades 6-8, See Something, Say Something 


As always, please email me at or call if you have questions, comments or concerns about anything





Gwen Johnson

Middle School Principal

919-433-3301   Ext. 101